Samsung will launch two folded smartphones in 2017 Check Specification Features

12 December, 2016, 21:11 | Author: Kristi Walker
  • Samsung Group Set To Roll Out Two Foldable Phones In 2017

It gets even more interesting as the report adds that Samsung is not working on just one, but two foldable phones, with one set for an early 2017 release. While the first will be a dual-screen smartphone that features a flat display on either side with a hinge in between, the other one will be a single flexible OLED display that can be bent. Displays for the dual-screen smartphone are expected to be supplied by Japan Display Inc.

It is not the first time news of a foldable Samsung Galaxy phone is showing up, but up until now, nothing concrete in the forms of images or renders have been recorded.

Meanwhile, the company has not announced anything about the folded smartphones, but it is expected that in the month of January, Samsung may reveal about the folded smartphones. In an out-foldable device, OLED panels are placed on sides that would make the front and the back after being folded.

As far as the third position is concerned, it will allow users to use the device as a large tablet-sized display, with both screens combined.

"After looking at a video of LENOVO's foldable Smartphone, it seems that it is still too early for LENOVO to start mass-producing its Smartphones as they are not perfected yet from performance aspect", said a representative for an industry.

The South Korean multinational is reportedly gearing up for a major redesign of its flagship Galaxy S smartphone and its Note range of phablets in the wake of the disastrous exploding Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7 handsets of 2016. Nonetheless, these are certainly coming out in the year 2017, but only in limited editions; while this revelation is expected to attract more attention, it will not completely steal the spotlight away from Samsung Galaxy 8 that will be launched first.