Strong Earthquake Hits Solomon Islands for 2nd Day in a Row

13 December, 2016, 04:51 | Author: Jonathon Greene
  • Vision Solomon Islands a house in Kirakira Solomon Islands is damaged after an earthquake on Friday Dec. 9 2016. Tsunami warnings for several Pacific islands includi

A 6.9 magnitude natural disaster has struck off the coast of the Solomon Islands nearly exactly 24 hours after an even larger quake struck the same area of the Pacific.

The latest quake initially triggered a fresh tsunami warning for the Solomon Islands, but that was lifted by authorities a short time later.

That first powerful quake in the early hours of Friday triggered a series of tsunami alerts across the region, sending hundreds of people in the Solomons scrambling to higher ground.

"We are working with the National Disaster Office of the Government and we've mobilized our emergency response teams to accompany the government officers and other global non-governmental organizations that are going on this boat", Zoleveke said.

"We still don't have that much detail but we know people are really affected by what's happened", Zoleveke said.

Meanwhile, the Environment Minister Samuel Manetoali told parliament on Friday that at least 3000 people were directly affected by the quake with initial reports indicating at least 40 houses have been damaged.

Janes Ginting praised the action by the locals because she said numerous villagers would not have known a region-wide tsunami had been issued given the lack of communication with the area.

Speaking from the capital Honiara, Suzy Sainovski of World Vision said the quake had caused some power failures throughout the country.

"One of the reasons we need to get them shelter assistance (is) because it's the start of the wet season here", Sainovski said.