Two Nexus-like smartwatches set to lead Android Wear in 2017

24 December, 2016, 07:42 | Author: Kristi Walker

However, Jeff Chang, the product manager of Android Wear has affirmed to The Verge, saying that the updated 2.0 version would be launched on two new smartwatches. The software will add support for standalone apps, Android Pay, Google Assistant and more.

Google hopes that the Google Android Smartwatches will create a new market for smart wearables like Apple set up into market the Smart wearables. Even the Android Wear 2.0 OS which was initially announced to release in the second half of this year is already postponed to 2017.

Google will discharge the fifth and last engineer review of Android Wear 2.0 in January, and it is relied upon to incorporate support for both Google Assistant and Android Pay (on upheld gadgets) in it.

The Android wear 2.0 includes numerous different features such as applications that owners can use without their smartphones.

The new Smartwatches has been rumored before but now google Confirmed the upcoming launch today as a part of the larger to convince the Customers. Instead, Google is taking the same approach that it did with the Nexus phones of yore, where it collaborates with a third-party original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to develop the devices, which will primarily carry that OEM's brand. They'll be the first watches to run it, though many other smartwatches will be updated later. It sounds sort of like these will be "Nexus watches", just without any Nexus branding.

This unknown company has allegedly manufactured Android wearables before, including the actual outlook design for the products along with the software mechanisms within them. He also said that Wear 2.0 in Android will have some differences than that of the iOS. The devices had been nicknamed Angelfish and Swordfish in those early reports, and they may wind up looking like this, according to Android Police.

Now there is an official confirmation made by the company. Chang didn't disclose the manufacturer, but noted the company has had Android Wear devices in the past.

Google is now on the final developer preview for Wear 2.0 and is expected to finalize the software in the coming weeks.



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