Afghanistan hope U.S. deny asylum to female pilot Niloofar Rahmani

26 December, 2016, 22:38 | Author: Cecelia Webb

Niloofar Rahmani, the first Afghan female pilot, has sought asylum in the U.S. apparently after receiving death threats from relatives and militants, according to media reports.

However, she said that recently the situation had gotten worse in Afghanistan, prompting her to apply for asylum.

Local media reported on Saturday that Captain Rehmani has expressed her intention to stay n the U.S. following a 15-month long training period in Texas.

Pointing towards the billions of dollars spent by United States to build the Afghan forces, Radmanish told Reuters "When an officer complains of insecurity and is afraid of security threats, then what should ordinary people do?" The Afghan National Security Forces vehemently denied Rahmani's claims and urged the US government not to grant her asylum. "She has made an excuse for herself, but we have hundreds of educated women and female civil right activists who work and it is safe for them". The course ended Thursday, and under the terms of her training stint, she was due to go back to Afghanistan on Saturday.

Her success came at a price, however.

Throughout her time in the military, Rahmani and her family faced serious death threats from the Taliban for daring to join the traditionally male field.

However, there was little sympathy on Afghanistan's active social media networks, which were replete with comments criticizing Rahmani, accusing her of wasting government money spent on expensive training and avoiding her responsibilities.

Afghan soldiers have sought asylum during training in the the past. Eventually the Afghan government even stopped paying Rahmani's salary, despite earmarks from the USA government for funding.



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