From A Mugshot To A Mansion: Jeremy Meeks Proves Crime Does Pay

04 January, 2017, 04:35 | Author: Van Morton
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However, Mr. Jordan added that Mr. Meeks was a humble, soft-spoken family man, who was nothing like the hard man of his image.

Former gang member, Jeremy Meeks, 32, was jailed on weapons charges in 2014 when the Stockton police Facebook page posted the felon's photograph. Married to nurse Melissa, he signed with the talent agency White Cross Management a year ago when he was released from jail and his new manager Jim Jordan says he has had offers from across the globe.

If Meeks hasn't disproved the old cliché that crime doesn't pay, at least he is proving that not every mugshot tells the story of a life of crime... After receiving modeling offers, Mr. Meeks has been showing off images of his new life, posing in front of a mansion with a $125,000 Maserati parked outside.

His other posts include Meeks posing topless in front of his house, complete with a water fountain and perfectly manicured lawn.

On the Maserati picture, one posted: "Moving on up!"

One admirer commented: "No matter what you did always remember, 'every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future'".

He was labeled "the hottest crook" by the social media.

Originally from Stockton, California, Meeks was raised in a poor household and joined the Northern Crips at a young age, according to Daily Mail.

In addition to his modeling shots, Meeks also shared photos of his wife Melissa and their children.

Meeks' youngest son, who he nicknamed "mini-me" shares the same piercing blue eyes as his father and recently celebrated his seventh birthday.



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