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List of things Donald Trump has already done as US President

26 January, 2017, 12:32 | Author: Lorena Waters
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While granted to a United States president as an "executive power" under Article II of the Constitution, there is no specific provision that permits the use of such orders, which makes them open to be tested in the courts.

Presidential memoranda are "executive orders by another name, and yet unique", wrote presidential scholar Phillip Cooper on his book By Order of the President: The Use and Abuse of Executive Direct Action.

President Donald Trump is reportedly quite pleased with his new residence despite his trepidation about leaving his Trump Tower home, according to The New York Times. Congress has the right to pass legislation to limit the power of the executive order, and, in rare circumstances, the Supreme Court can overthrow the executive order entirely.

While his executive orders might seem dramatic or even dystopian, it's important to recognize that a signature does not necessarily indicate immediate action.

The policy was first enacted in 1984 by Ronald Reagan, then revoked by Bill Clinton in 1993, then restored by George W. Bush in 2001, then revoked by Barack Obama in 2009. The order required all government agencies to maximize effort in finding ways to reduce the cost to hospitals, private medical institutions and medical manufacturers by allowing the most possible flexibility legally allowed by the law.

Trump signed an order that would immediately renew construction of the North Dakota Access Pipeline that the Army Corps of Engineers halted in November.

Trump has formally withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Very few of the thousands of executive orders and memoranda that have been issued are as momentous as the ones listed here. The policy prohibits federal funding for global organizations that promote or provide abortions. It does not include the military. It called for agencies "to waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation of any provision or requirement of the Act that would impose a fiscal burden".

"We've been talking about this for a long time", Trump told reporters as he signed the order, calling the move a "great thing for the American worker". The reach of the president's ability to affect change extend beyond the executive order.

Executive orders don't expire when a president's term is over, but a new president can issue an executive order to override the previous executive order.

President Trump said he is also enjoying making use of the many boardrooms at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Among those campaign pledges that Trump has already addressed: undoing the Affordable Care Act, building the US-Mexico border wall, and lifting federal prohibitions on drilling; Trump is expected to sign a directive banning immigration from Muslim countries as well.

► Amendments: An executive order can only be amended or rescinded by another executive order.

John T. Woolley, co-director of the American Presidency Project at the University of California at Santa Barbara-the organization which provides the data on executive orders-told The Washington Post he doesn't consider this a good use of their data. His commitment to dismantling Obama's executive orders may not be unprecedented, but he is still calling for unsafe policies ranging from the construction of a border wall to a ban on certain refugees.

The data, however, does not include presidential memoranda, which makes it hard to access a president's overall use of executive actions.



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