Galaxy S8: More screen and elegance, but a hefty price tag

19 April, 2017, 01:21 | Author: Cecelia Webb
  • New Samsung Gear 360 app available on the Google Play Store

First off, we have the Galaxy Note 7 flop that set the world on fire, leaving Samsung with quite a lot to make up for with its next-generation Note flagship. The S8 is viewed as an opportunity for Samsung to demonstrate it can produce a fault-free handset, and yet, it looks as though there is a problem. "Galaxy S8 Red Screen" was one of the top search terms on Naver, South Korea's largest search engine, this morning.

In addition to the new design innovations, Samsung delivers cutting-edge technology including an advanced camera, enhanced performance and more to the devices that users love.

However, according to a ZDNet report, Samsung has said that the tint isn't a quality issue and that it can be fixed in the phone's settings menu.

A quick scan of the dozens of Galaxy S8 reviews that were published on Tuesday morning reveals plenty of headlines filled with steep praise.

Over at Twitter, a representative from Samsung confirmed the move, saying that remapping the Bixby button to trigger a third-party function was "exploiting a system-level behavior".

Samsung supposedly developed deep red OLEDs to strengthen the red component and counteract the two greens in the mix. But now Samsung has blocked the feature, which means that as soon as you update your Galaxy S8 after you receive it, you won't be able to remap the Bixby button. The idea behind Bixby is that it will be a much more capable, integrated assistant than Siri or Google Assistant, capable of carrying out tasks like sending photos within an app as well as integrating reminders and so on. But Bixby offers only limited capabilities at launch. It means millions of people in countries other than the USA and South Korea won't be able to use it. Samsung said a few days ago that Bixby Voice, the most important feature of its AI assistant, would not be available at launch in the US.

Samsung's digital assistant Bixby is here to help, whether or not you want it to. The pre-order period ran between April 7 and April 17.

Samsung can't afford issues with its new Galaxy S8 smartphone when it is coming off the massive recalls of the Note 7 when it launched. Though the two smartphones will be up for pre-orders at 12 noon on April 19, 2017.



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