Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices

21 April, 2017, 04:43 | Author: Kristi Walker
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Previously, Home only linked up to the account of whomever set it up first.

That's a feature that Amazon's Echo doesn't have.

Importantly, any future recognition of the voices is done locally, on-device.

Although I'm the only one in my household who actually uses the Google Home, I believe this is a massive step forward for the home assistant device to receive its due attention.

The Google Home will be able to distinguish the voice data between each individual member and provide personalized responses to user queries.

It's worth noting, though, that Amazon's Alexa-powered Echo is still outselling Google's Home by a wide margin. Those features will be completely vague if it supports only a single voice.

You'll get someone else's schedule, news, and music preferences.

Initial hints at multi-user support emerged last month from Android application package code.

Google take on Echo and Siri with "Home" and "Assistant". Consumers anxious about their voice data being collected in general should think twice before picking up a home hub, said Bradley Shear, of the privacy-focused, Maryland-based Shear Law.

Consumers should also think about how this information could be used outside of the company, Shear said.

Here's everything you need to know.

On-the-fly detection of voices sounds like a challenging problem to overcome.

We had an early hint last week Google Home may be able to distinguish between voices, after Google appeared to shut down a Burger King advertisement that had been created to trigger the Google Home to share more about the Whopper burger. Lowe's Iris is the most exciting device on the list, however, because having full access to it means that Google Home can control anything that it can control.

Users are required to say the phrases "Okay, Google" and "Hey, Google" twice each when connecting their Google account (usually the same as their Gmail account) to the Home mobile app. You can add up to six different accounts. With Google Home, often being a shared device, it can be tricky to balance privacy and personalization. This allows it to learn different characteristics of each person's voice.

Google Home is addressing one of its most criticized features, adding the ability to differentiate up to six people by voice and serve them up their own, personalized results.

Change what Google calls you by choosing Personal Info, then Nickname. The company promises this should only take a few milliseconds. When properly set up, the new and re-vamped Google Home "only gives out personal details to the targeted user but still works for simple searches and requests for other users", which is a huge relief for parents with precocious, home hub-friendly kids.



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