Harrisonburg one of 29 cities in USA with cleanest air

21 April, 2017, 03:13 | Author: Alejandro Stokes
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The San Joaquin Valley is home to the four most particle-polluted cities in the United States, according to the report. Eight California cities are in the bottom 10 for worst year-round pollution.

The National Institutes of Health, in a 2014 study, said the level of disease-causing particles had fallen in the region since the more active industrial days of the 1960s.

The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton region continues to be among the cleanest areas in the country for having low levels of fine particle pollution, according the report. In the Volunteer state, Shelby County received a "D", Hamilton County and Davidson County both received a "C" and Knox County received a "B".

Despite maintaining the same grade as the previous year, particulate pollution in Marin was slightly worse in this year's report. Particle pollution is highest in winter when households are burning wood and diesel exhaust collects in still air, she said.

Pollutants can cause severe asthma attacks, particularly in vulnerable children.

Almost four in 10 Americans now live in counties that have unhealthful levels of ozone, particle pollution or both.

To help the community become aware of high levels of ozone, Milwaukee County fire stations will now display a flag designating the air quality for the day as determined by the Wisconsin DNR.

"Consequently, some counties will receive grades of "F" in this report, showing repeated instances of unhealthy air, while still meeting the EPA's 2015 ozone standard". "So we need to make sure things like the Clean Power Plan are implemented".

The report analyzes particle pollution in two ways: through average annual particle pollution levels and short-term spikes in particle pollution.

The San Francisco Bay Area, which includes the major cities of San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and Stockton, ranked sixth in the nation for number of unhealthy days for particle pollution and fourth in the nation for year-round particle pollution levels.

Despite these improvements, many cities hit their highest average number of days when particle levels spiked.

The report says breathing unhealthy air can put residents at risk for asthma attacks, worsened COPD symptoms and cardiovascular harm.

He said the Clean Air Act is responsible for the improvements we're seeing in air quality in DE and nationwide. San Diego now ranks seventh among the nation's top 10 dirtiest cities for ozone pollution. According to the 2017 report, Hartford and Litchfield counties had the fewest days when short-term particle pollution has reached unhealthy levels in 2013-2015, compared to other CT counties. President Donald Trump has proposed cuts to federal climate science funding and has deregulated industries that are a major source of risky emissions. (American Lung Association) Annual particle pollution, from polluters like coal-fired power plants or wildfires, in the Baltimore-Washington region continues to drop, according to American Lung Association figures released in its 2017 State of the Air report.



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