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United CEO says no one will be fired for dragging incident

21 April, 2017, 04:09 | Author: Lorena Waters
  • United CEO Oscar Munoz said no employee will be fired over the incident last week when a passenger was dragged off a flight

Social media users across the United States, Vietnam and China called for a boycott of the airline over the incident. He lost two front teeth and suffered a broken nose in the incident. Moves to keep more seats open, management said, have helped the carrier reclaim customers. Delta, which issued earnings last week, rose 0.1%, while American Airlines (AAL) sank about 1%.

Amid the ongoing public relations nightmare for the airline, United Continental Holdings Inc reported sharply lower first-quarter earnings Monday but they still bested analyst expectations on several key measures.

Analysts said United has about 20 percent of total US-China traffic and a partnership with China's third-largest airline, Air China.

Munoz plans to travel to China in a couple of weeks on a previously scheduled business trip and will meet with officials there about their concerns over the incident, he said.

Mr Munoz declined to address that or other possible changes until the airline finishes a review by April 30.

I want to support United Airlines in the customer-off situation. "And I'm sure there was lots of conjecture about me personally".

The airline had already said it would change policies to never have law enforcement called to remove a passenger unless they were a threat to safety.

Footage of security officers roughly dragging Dao off the aircraft by his wrists went viral, provoking global outcry.

Last week, Dr. David Dao was forcibly dragged from his seat on a United flight as the crew attempted to clear space on the overbooked flight for crew members.

United spooked some investors and analysts in February when it announced it would add 47 round-trip flights in the US starting this summer as it tried to boost connections at its major hubs. The new policy would presumably allow for any such bumping problems to be worked out ahead of time.

Notice, also, how none of those righteous people filming and complaining on that United Airlines flight had the courtesy to give up their seats.

The parent company of the third-largest commercial airline in the USA reported earnings of 41 cents per share, up from analysts' forecast of 38 cents, and revenues were up 2.7 per cent to $8.4billion.



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