Colbert has good week in ratings despite controversy

12 May, 2017, 01:27 | Author: Van Morton
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In Trump's estimation, Colbert's "show was dying" until the late-night host began taking aim at Trump.

Fake news heroes assemble! But, on Monday, Stewart arrived again at the ideal time-right after Colbert made a controversial joke about Putin and President Trump.

"I can't believe you're leaving us, Stephen, it's insane", Helms added. It's nice! Also, in an earlier segment, Colbert and his former employer (now a farmer, apparently) sat down to discuss some deeper issues in more detail. "But might I say, I learned it from you, dad".

Corddry: "I'm already ready to hang up my poster of my two favourite comedians: Bill Cosby and Subway spokesperson Jared Fogel".

Bee then entered, complete with enormous curly hair, in shock that Colbert was leaving in the middle of George W. Bush's presidency. "There's never going to be another president this good for comedy", she said mimicking a joke Will Ferrell made during Bee's Not the White House Correspondents" Dinner last month. Colbert asked, before offering a warning: "You know [Comey was] investigating Trump's campaign's ties to Russian Federation?"

But Stewart didn't let the moment slip by without making it clear that he thinks the outrage over Colbert's recent commentary is ridiculous.

"You look like a garden of earthly pleasures", Stewart added, "and I am a small handful of potpourri".

A comic sketch flashed back to spoof Colbert's departure from "The Daily Show" in 2005.

'That I do, ' Colbert replied. Hold on! Which it was - I hate that guy, I love that guy, but Trump did, and they didn't know how to feel, and it was interesting to watch.

As each donned different getups to parody how they looked 12 years ago, they reflected on what, in hindsight, must have been a simpler time.

The exact joke wasn't necessarily a direct response to the FCC controversy, but the vibe certainly felt as if Colbert was in a particularly fuck-it mood concerning FCC regulations. 'Which is hilarious because that would mean Trump fired James Comey for making him President. "Now you literally shovel it".

Stewart continued: "It's the difference between insult and injury".

Afterward, the Daily Show team reunited to reminisce on their glory days.

"Why in this country we try to hold comedians to a standard we don't hold our leaders to", he asked.

Colbert's show "builds up my base", Trump boasted in the interview.



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