'Spicy's back!': 'SNL' has McCarthy's Spicer meet with Baldwin's Trump

15 May, 2017, 01:55 | Author: Van Morton

McCarthy came on as both a figurative and literal comedic hurricane in February when she first introduced her gum-chewing, Super Soaker wielding, run-you-down-with-a-lectern White House Press Secretary.

In a week where U.S. President Donald Trump abruptly fired FBI director James Comey in the middle of an investigation into possible ties with Russian Federation and Press Secretary Sean Spicer was allegedly caught hiding "among the bushes" during a White House briefing, Saturday Night Live writers had ample material to work with. McCarthy's "Spicey" could be seen peering in from outside the White House looking confused and distraught.

McCarthy's Spicer soon took over the briefing, and when the NY Times' Glenn Thrush (Bobby Moynihan) asked him whether Trump was "unhinged", McCarthy spat out, "Oh my God, Glenn, do I come to your job and slap the seven or eight hot dogs out of your mouth?"

That's when McCarthy-as-Spicer emerged from the bushes to show off the Spicer character viewers are familiar with: one who takes a fire-extinquisher to a "liar liar trousers on fire" reporter and who throws a pillar at another.

"I have a wife, I took vows", McCarthy's Spicer answers.

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Pressed on if Trump is lying to him, Spicer insists "he wouldn't do that, he's my friend" - and then rode the lectern through the streets of Manhattan. "And they're gonna prove it with a certified letter which you know is the truth because it costs an extra two dollars to have it certified".

You can't say you didn't see this coming a mile off.


The acting pair reprised their now famous roles, with Baldwin impersonating President Trump, and McCarthy the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, on tonight's episode of the US TV show.

"Listen, welcome to the five-timers club, Melissa!" he said, referring to her fifth time on the show. It was a cop out and cheap sight gag, as if the show has nothing interesting to say about Trump or Spicer after the week of chaos following James Comey's firing. Oh, yeah, one thing: "you made out with Spicer". "He wouldn't do that, he's my friend!" "If he's insane, he's insane like a fox with mental problems", McCarthy replied. But Melissa's impersonation of Spicer has to be the most delicious surprise of this season", James Andrew Miller, author of "Live From New York: "The Complete, Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live", told CNN.

Failing to find Trump in New York City, Spicer finds solace in a suspicious chunk of gum on the sidewalk before turning to a sage doorman outside Trump Tower. "I swear I'll talk better". I can't go back to the Navy. Finally finding the president, Spicer got a kiss from Trump.



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